Services offered

Our service includes all mechanical, hydraulic and electronic installation, maintenance and repair work.

We will provide you with equivalent replacement during the time your device is being worked on in our shop.

We will gladly pick up your vehicle and return it as soon as possible, should you be unable to personally bring your aerial ladder to us.

Second-hand vehicles

As an alternative to buying a new vehicle, we offer a range of completely repaired and overhauled second-hand vehicles.

Overview of our latest offers

Annual inspection

Annual inspection as referred to in GUV-G 9102 UVV

At your request, we will gladly complete the annual inspection as referred to in GUV-G 9102 UVV in order to guarantee complete functional capability of your aerial appliances.

Our service technicians will conduct the inspection on-site at your facility.



To ensure the continuing functionality of your rescue equipment, we offer the full renewal of all hydraulic hoses as recommended by the manufacturer, as well as the replacement of all switches and sensors in the technical body as a complete service package.

specifically trained welding specialist

Welding and body work

A specifically trained welding specialist will take care of all welding and body work required.

platform with an aluminum frame

Manufacture of new platforms

As needed, we will custom-make a new platform with an aluminum or steel frame to fit your vehicle.

ladder set

Renewal of the ladder set

We work closely with a certified partner company to help restore the preload of your ladder. The preload is re-established without thermal changes in the sensitive metal structure.

Modification of stretcher support SKL 110

By adding a steel base frame to your stretcher support, our service team will be able to decisively increase the extension range of your device.

On-site operator training

On-site operator training

Our service technicians regularly provide on-site training at your facility.

Operators learn how to properly handle rescue equipment in emergency operations. Possible disturbances and incidents are simulated in order to prepare the team for extreme situations.

General inspection of the chassis

If your vehicle is being repaired at our facility, a certified partner will, on request, conduct a general inspection in addition to exhaust emission tests.

24h service

24h service

You can reach our service hotline around the clock via:
Fon +49 6349 9960270